Monday, August 25, 2014


How to store them in the locker.

Today was the day.  

We distributed 400+ Chromebooks to our students.  

Supporting each other
"How did you do that?"
There were some network bumps and students struggled to type in passwords correctly but all in all I would call it a success.  Students helped each other and every teacher chipped in to help students.

Whole team in the cafeteria learning together.
It was a great step forward for our students.  The are now equally connected to the ever changing world.  It gives our teachers the ability to customize student learning and allows for greater creativity and collaboration with assignments.  The technology is just a tool, like a textbook or a pencil.  The instructional strategies used by teachers and the ability of students to create with the tool is where the learning gains are expected.  Great job to all; staff, students and technology department!  Thank you school board and local residents.

Crates with file folders and wireties
Kitchen cart with bins and powerstrips

This is our creative solution for Chromebook storage.  Typical computer carts can cost at least $1,200 per cart.  We were creative and constructed these carts for under $150 each to store up to 30 Chromebooks.

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