Wednesday, September 28, 2016

#IMMOOC, Google Classroom and My Mindset

#IMMOOC week two. Full disclosure, I am behind.  I have not set a time for learning and I almost completely quit the idea of trying to catch up.


I remember hearing many speakers, teachers, counselors and coaches talk about attention, growth, and drive. It does not matter where you are and how much you perceive that you have missed.  ALL you can do is check back in, be present, reconnect.  Be better today than you were yesterday.  Why not start now?  What did you try today?  How did it work? What are you going to do next?

As I listen to the Hangout for week two, I am compelled to start writing.  I am behind in my learning because I have spent some time the last two weeks doing.

From +George Couros with permission #IMMOOC 

How do I as the Digital Learning Coordinator for South Eastern School District in Fawn Grove, PA develop the Innovator's Mindset with our teachers, students, and parents?  

Here is what I tried to do and the results so far: 

I have shared a survey with all the teachers and administrators in the district asking 3 questions: (see results below) The results themselves did not surprise me but the participation in the survey was exciting.  I immediately started to create a Google Classroom.  I sent out a follow-up email and invited those who wanted to join to my new google classroom.  I created a short video and set some of my expectation.  The learning is about you.  One topic or discussion per week.  Ideas come from you.  We all share in the learning.  Where you are to a place that is hopefully a little better if that is what you want.

Our learning will start the first week of October.  I look forward to sharing my experiences through blogging and twitter.  I am excited that we have a group of teachers already signed up for the classroom and beginning the discussion.  My goal will be to push as many of the participants as possible to begin blogging or sharing their experiences with their students, parents, and other teachers.  

One of my biggest reflections from the #IMMOOC week two hangout is that leaders try first.  
"If school district leaders cannot take risks and try something new how would we expect our teachers to take risks or who are the real leaders of the district if our teachers are the only risk takers?"
I value working with a Superintendent who supports and promotes the use of social media to share ideas.  @drronakaufmann tweets from the classrooms she visits daily and supports the mission of the district to provide progressive education for our students.  My hope is that we create an environment where all of our teachers feel free to take risks and share their classrooms/learning with others.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Most Likely To Succeed

Last night South Eastern School District hosted a screening of the movie Most Likely To Succeed.  Present at the screening were local teachers, students, parents, and administrators as well as administrators and teachers from neighboring school districts. The movie could speak for itself but we choose to have a panel discussion following the movie.  Prior to the screening, we ran a slideshow for the audience (see below).  The slides were sent by the film company to assist in starting the conversation.  We choose to take it a step further and encourage dialogue using digital tools before, during and after the movie.      

The direction slides (above) were running on the main screen and we had a secondary screen with the Padlet open.  As you can see by the Padlet we did not have much participation before the movie began.  Feel free to join the conversation now if you would like.

Dr. Kaufmann introduced the video and reminded the audience that we want them to join the conversation on the Padlet and on twitter using the hashtag #sesdml2schat.  The screen switched to the twitter feed and the movie came on.  A few tweets started to show and then a large portion of the audience, teachers, administrators and students began tweeting to the hashtag and connecting.  They had a discussion about the movie without talking during the movie.  It was great to watch and participate in.  I know that many people are not comfortable with that type of communicating but it can be a powerful thing.  See the transcript of the twitter chat here
The panel discussion was brief but powerful.  Teachers spoke about what they would like to do in their classrooms.  Students spoke about their most rewarding courses and how the arts were an important part of their schooling.  Parents were able to ask questions about basic knowledge and their concerns with this shift.  Dr. Kaufmann invited everyone in attendance to continue the conversation online or in person at our next community meeting on October 4, 6:00 at KD.  It is my hope that the conversation will continue and the students of South Eastern School District will continue to receive a progressive education to strengthen the global community.

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