Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Who is behind the "You are and Awesome Principal" sign?

When I entered my office one day last week I saw a purple sign on my door.  Before I took my keys out of my pocket I stopped and looked at the door, smiled and announced to the other people in the office that, "Looks like, I am an awesome principal!"  It was a little sign with a personal touch.  Someone drew little happy faces all over the sign and took the time to walk to the office and place it on my door.  This little sign made my day better and someone should be thanked for it.  So I posted this:

But that is not the whole story...
As I look around the school especially in the 7th grade hallways I noticed some new locker decorations. Traditionally, students have decorated lockers of students who perform on our sports teams or clubs.  These signs were new, so I took some pictures.

It appears that new lockers are decorated everyday.  
If I find out who is responsible, I will ask them to add to this post in the meantime I want to participate in the fun so I plan to post this:

Look for more information on the changes at SEMS-East!

Hoops For Heart Raises $2,517 at SEMS-East!

I would like to thank Mr. Rudisill and the rest of the team for organizing another great event at SEMS-East! Our staff, students and their parents continue to impress me with their gratitude and support of organizations and each other.  Great work Team!

SEMS-East raised $2517.00 this year.  Our school goal was $2000.00, based on the $1900 plus that we raised last year.  Our staff contributed $306.00 this year and Student Council made a donation of $145.00 from the carnation sale that we did for Valentine's Day.  7th grader - Brian Romig raised $200, Stephen Shumar raised $165 and Llarae Bell and Carson Fish each raised $100.  Carson was the top 8th grader and this was the second year in a row that he and his family donated $100.      We ran a 3 on 3 tournament as well as a "Top Gun" competition.  We had each of these for both the 7th and 8th grade as well as a boys bracket and a girls bracket.  We had 33 total boys teams and 18 girls teams in the 3 on 3 competition.  In the top gun - the 8th graders signed up to participate while in 7th grade - every student participated.  The winners of each competition will get medals along with the students who raised the most money.      We played music this year and actually had a couple "dance breaks" where students could get out of the bleachers and move around a little bit.  We also did a little beach ball competition in the bleachers in an effort to keep everyone involved.     
Our "Heart Wall" right outside the gym was filled with various things related to our event.  We had a "duck pond" filled with approximately 80 duck stickers.  They were part of the reward for contributing an initial $5 donation. 

We had basketballs filled out by students and staff, both in honor of and in memory of loved ones, relatives and friends who have dealt with some kind of heart issue. 

We also had a large heart that contained our own SEMS-East "heart heroes".  These were pictures and descriptions of some of our own students who have dealt with heart issues.  We also had red hearts that contained some pretty interesting heart facts and lastly, we put up a "graffiti sheet" for the Wellness staff to recognize everyones' accomplishments and contributions.

Our Hoops for Heart event was another great TEAM effort by both staff and students.  Thanks to all! (Mr. Rudisill)

"On behalf of the American Heart Association, I wanted to thank you for another incredibly successful and fun Hoops for Heart event.  I really enjoyed visiting your event and seeing the wonderful things you had planned.  Congratulations on exceeding your goal and I sincerely appreciate the continued support of the American Heart Association.  Every year you all find ways to involve all the students and make this a true community service program through physical activity and education.  I am fortunate to work with volunteers of your caliber and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year! Thanks again! Teresa 
Teresa DeVono
Youth Market Director
American Heart Association"

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