Monday, October 10, 2016

Digital Innovators Conversation (Hangout) on Breakout Rooms EDU

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to convince some fantastic educators in the South Eastern School District to have a discussion with me about a new trend in education and their experiences with it in their classrooms.  Instead of a face-to-face conversation, I requested that we use Google Hangouts on Air so that our conversation can be recorded and shared with all teachers in the district and through social media via my blog and Youtube.  My hope is that other teachers in the district would like to meet me online and talk about the great things happening in their classrooms.  If you are interested in joining me for a conversation please connect with me.

Stephanie Coleman, Joanna Kapinos, and Eric Ruppert all agreed to participate.  Our conversation can be viewed here:
Local (SESD) you may need to sign into your GAFE (sesdrams) account to view the video.

Stephanie Coleman @@StephColeman4 wrote about her experiences with breakout education on her blog found here.
Joanna Kapinos @SEMSEDeutsch has an active website located here.
Eric Ruppert collects his math materials and posts them here.

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