Thursday, September 8, 2011

What is your favorite thing so far this year?

I am attempting to Blog, at least weekly, but I am sure that no one wants to read my perspective all the time. I called on the students for help and they came through. Below are a few student submissions. Feel free to comment on them or at least let them know you read their thoughts.
"The best thing that will happen so far this year will be the Emergency Response Breakfast on September 11th. This is to thank the Emergency Response workers in our community for being so brave helping out our small community. Faculty came up with the idea to thank them. Then as a group they decided to include students. During the Breakfast some students will be pulled from their classes to read a story or poem they wrote on 9/11 to the workers. Some will be pulled to video tape the event to. This will be a great chance for some students to get to interact with people who are ready to sacrifice their lives to save others. This is a great thing for the school and community to give back to the Emergency Response Workers. This is why I think that this is the best thing that will have happened so far this school year."
~Written by Claire Glackin
"What is your favorite thing so far this year? So far my thing that we have done so far this year is the 9-11 writing piece. I liked how we were able to tie many different things into one assignment; a community service, a history lesson on 9-11and a writing lesson. I also really liked how Mrs. Folmar let us use our own ideas and opinions instead of an average writing prompt. I enjoyed this assignment even more knowing that we would be writing for true American heroes (the emergency responders.) There there have been very few times where we have been able to directly have an impact on a community service."
~Written by Rebecca Dunphy

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