Thursday, March 16, 2017


Nothing to do on a Snow Day?  A number of teachers, administrators, and some students joined together over Twitter to have a virtual conversation on a Snow Day.  The #SNOWDAYCHAT was a success!

I was sitting at my desk on Monday afternoon with all the news about the 1-2 feet of snow we would be getting in the next day or so and I thought what can I do to connect people from their homes and have a conversation or share ideas about education.  Twitter chats are nothing new but I have not ever organized one or participated in one with my school community.  I started by brainstorming a few questions and threw them on a google slide.

Next, I went to Tweetdeck and scheduled some tweets.  I had planned for about 5 minutes between questions and for the whole chat to last about 30 minutes.  At 11:30 people began to introduce themselves and the conversation started with Question 1.  People replied to questions with (A1) or replied to specific users.  Some people just watched the chat and liked some of the posts.  Others began side conversations about snow day decisions for tomorrow.  All in all, I would have liked to extend the conversation a little longer as some people were just warming up when my "Thank you for participating" slide appeared.  It was an excellent learning opportunity for me and something I would definitely want to do again.

What to follow what we talked about on our #SNOWDAYCHAT (see Storify below).  Want to participate in a Twitter Chat, see a list compiled here.  Want to host your own, reach out to me and I would love to talk about my experience or read some other blogs about their experiences.  You do not have to be at school to learn on a SNOWDAY!

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