Friday, October 23, 2015


South Eastern School District
ROLO-Rams Online Learning Opportunities
October 15, 2015

Team Members
A.Bickford, K. Smith,, A. Moose, Z. Fake, K. Hardenbrook, R. Boyntoyan, P. Faulkner, D. Absher, J. Marburger, J. Terch, S. Coleman, J. Bowman, Jon HortonROLO.jpg
We are excited to present to you our newly named cyber academy ROLO!  
Rams Online Learning Opportunities will allow the flexibility to serve many students and their unique needs under one umbrella name.  It will also allow us to market the product to all of our students across buildings.  Students who attend cyber schools outside of ROLO are billed at a per-pupil cost between $10,000 and $22,000 per student.  
Offering opportunities early, before students leave, could save the district and allowing students to graduate from Kennard Dale, through ROLO, could save students.  A real Win-Win!


  • Development of customized course by a KD teacher this year  
  • Using for ELL student support
  • 53 students taking at least 1 course (17 full time)   
  • 2 students taking Chinese with an outside teacher


  • 7 students currently taking full time cyber classes.
  • Using multiple vendors and vendor teachers
  • CAOLA training and support

Elementary K-4

  • Currently 2 full-time cyber students from Stewartstown Elementary
  • Both students using Accelerate Education with vendor teachers
  • Learning curve with parents

What Students Are Saying

  • Challenging workROLO.jpg
  • Flexibility to finish on-time or early
  • Ability to take extra credits
  • Work/life balance assistance

What Parents Are Saying

  • Greater respect for teachers
  • Thanking the district for flexibility
  • Appreciative of choices


  • Develop a state-of-the art SESD cyber program that fosters relationships with district staff and programs, that provides options for all types of learners, that includes mental health supports.
  • FT and or blended options will be available for our students, and the learning programs will be customized to individual student needs.   
  • Expand course offerings for traditional brick and mortar students. (AP courses at KD, and some unique languages and other options for which we do not have certified staff)
  • Provide digital content for brick and mortar courses (Accelerate Ed’s Ideal Learning Library to provide content for science in 6th grade at SEIS and for some content at Delta)
  • Opportunities for Keystone Remediation courses that are diagnostic
  • Summer Classes for Credit Recovery
  • Attract younger students to our program before they leave
  • Bring back our students in other cyber schools
  • District handbook
  • Future Recommendation to District Administration

Future Plans

  • Connect our curriculum to make transition seamless
  • Expose more students to this learning style (Accelerate Education Ideal Learning Library)
  • Recommend best product and attempt to make it our own
  • Review successes and failures and continue exploring what is best for our students

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