Love Google Classroom? We do too. Now you can instantly share a Newsela article with your students in Google Classroom.
To share on Google Classroom:
  1. Click the “Share” icon.
  2. Select the Google Classroom icon. 
      3.  Choose class.
      4.  Choose action as an “Create assignment” or “Make an announcement”
      5.  Edit your post with a title, description, and/ or due date
      6.  Click “Assign”.
      7.  Success. The article link will now be attached to your Google Classroom.

Once you have shared the article on Google Classroom, you can edit the “Announcement” or “Assignment” to include specific instructions, such as an annotation reading strategy or extended writing prompt with a Google Doc.

Note:You and your students must have created accounts on Newsela in order for them to read articles. Click here to learn more about creating accounts. You will also want to assign the article to your Newsela Classes. This way it will link your students performance to your teacher Binder. Click here to learn more about assigning articles on Newsela. Students will have access to the link in Google Classroom and see the article as an Assignment in their Newsela Binder. Repetition is key to success.