Monday, December 17, 2012


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Below is a copy of the email I sent out to the SEMS-East staff.  

After I put my children to bed and hugged them a little longer than usual I feel that I should communicate to all of you.  Dr. Kaufmann sent out a school reach call, posted resources on our website and wrote this letter (see attached) for parents.  I would like to reassure each one of you that the district is doing everything that we can to keep our buildings safe.  So what do we do?
+ Our counselors will be available for any students or staff that need to talk about the situation
+ We need to support each other, please contact the office if you need a few minutes of coverage
+ We need to reassure students that our building is safe and that they play a part in that.  Talk about the Olweus program and encourage students to speak to adults when they are not comfortable with something they hear
+ We should limit as much as possible the access to coverage of the situation.  If you are in the computer lab or library please make sure you are aware of what students are looking at to the best of your ability.  We should not plan to discuss the situation with your classes.  This type of conversation should be lead by a parent or counselor.
+ Lastly, we need to make our building the consistent, safe, and rigorous learning environment that students need and parents expect.  
I do not have words to express my feelings.  I am filled with emotions.  I want to stay home and hug my children and comfort my wife.  But, I am a principal, and I know where I need to be.  I will be at school welcoming in all students and staff and reassuring everyone that our building is safe.  Tomorrow, I will be there for each one of you and will need you to be there for me.  We can do this together.  
Here are some links to resources on how to speak to children about such tragic situations.  Please remember that we are all in this together.  If you notice an behavioral changes or would like someone at school to talk with your child please contact us, we have resources available.  

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