Tuesday, November 20, 2012

RAMdom Acts of Kindness

 Julia Markley and Sierra Grantland.  T-shirts are currently available for purchase
Students at SEMS-East are working hard this year to create a positive atmosphere at school.  At the beginning of the year, a contest was held between homerooms to come up with a school slogan.  Mrs. Hannigan’s 7th grade homeroom created the winning slogan: “It doesn't make you look BIG when you make others feel small.”  A school-wide competition was held for students to design a t-shirt that conveyed the message of the slogan.  Preliminary judging was conducted by the Olweus Bullying Prevention Committee, and then a student vote was held.  Two winners, both in 8th grade, were selected:  Julia Markley and Sierra Grantland.  T-shirts are currently available for purchase.  Please check the SEMS-East website for information, or call the Guidance Office at 717-382-4851 ext. 2830.
Students are also working hard doing RAMdom Acts of Kindness.  Teachers award students a paper RAM when they are seen doing something above and beyond the expected.  Students are recognized monthly for demonstrating kind acts and a drawing is held wherein four students receive a $10 gift card.  Gift cards are purchased through the generosity of teachers who pay to dress down every other Friday. 
Mrs. Bowman and Mr. Rudisill recognize our T-shirt design winners and our RAMdom  Acts of Kindness winners on the morning announcements.

The goals of these initiatives are to provide a visual symbol of the pride we have in SEMS-East and our school district and to show the importance of kindness and respect.  

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